team-building events

Who would win the trophy at your workplace?

corporate/team building events

Anything but a typical office party, Up Your Axe is redefining corporate and team building events with an extra edge. Stepping outside of the ordinary desk and florescent lighting environment, we provide an informal, fun-fueled place where your team or clients can really let loose and enjoy themselves!

We believe office parties and corporate events in general deserve a makeover. We’ll help you create friendly competition that will strengthen your team’s connection in a unique way, encourage support from peers, and allow everyone to shake off the stresses of work – all the while enjoying an epic experience together. You’ll also enhance your company’s culture and increase team loyalty. After all, the team that throws axes together, stays strong together.

Up Your Axe Corporate Package Includes:

  • 2 axe throwing lanes to compete against each other
  • Safety-certified axe coaches for training throughout your event
  • Setup, tear-down, and all necessary supplies for axe throwing
  • Host an office tournament to see who will be crowned champion!

    Axe throwing is exhilarating and makes for the perfect party. Each party will come with an axe coach to teach, keep everyone safe, and facilitate games and mini-tournaments.


    1 hr. – 25 per person

    2 hrs. – 35 per person (recommended)

    Group Rates:

    9-12 people | 3 Targets | 5% off

    13+ people | Multi-targets | 10% off

    Full Facility Rentals:

    $1,250 – $2,500 (price can vary)


    For events that require set-up, decorations, or additional time, contact us for custom pricing. 

    Learn more & book:, or give us a call at (701) 852-2937!